Lowes Backsplash

Installing a Lowes backsplash is a minor type of renovation or construction work but it is an effective way of transforming your interior especially the kitchen. Aside from aesthetics, a backsplash has an important role in protecting that valuable wall paint or any other type of wall finishing. There are several types and designs to choose from, so you are always free to be creative and artistic.

Getting to Know Backsplash and Its Benefits

A backsplash is a portion or section of waterproof materials which is added to the wall located behind the sink, counter, or stove. It is common in the kitchen, but you can also see Lowes backsplash panels in bathrooms, outdoor sinks and lavatories, etc. As its name suggests, this section’s main function is to contain and protect the surrounding wall from the splashes of water, oil, and other liquids while you are doing your kitchen tasks.

lowes backsplash

Here is the list of benefits or reasons why you should install one:

  • It protects your wall from stains coming from the dishes being washed, oils and juices coming from the foods you are cooking, and the water splashes coming from the sink.
  • It makes cleaning much simpler and easier because most materials used for the backsplash is waterproof and non-absorbent.
  • It helps preserve the architectural integrity of the adjacent wall by preventing water from damaging it.
  • It serves as a beautiful accent in your kitchen’s wall.
  • And it can also add value to the entire property itself.

lowes backsplash panels

The Different Types of Lowes Backsplash

Backsplashes can be differentiated by their individual designs but generally, they are categorized according to the type of material used.

  • Thermoplastic. The cheapest alternative you can choose is the thermoplastic. It’s a special type of plastic that is flexible yet durable. This material is also more resistant to heat. Since it is made out of plastic, design options are limitless.
  • Tiles. The most commonly used types are tiles. You can use ordinary ceramic floor tiles or those designed for the walls. Installation of a Lowes tile backsplash is also simple and similar to the steps in installing wall tiles. Popular options include the glass mosaic or tiles that have very small pieces or panels. There are also stick-on options that make installation a swift.

lowes tile backsplash

  • Stone. A more expensive and exquisite alternative to tiles is polished stone. If you want a natural look for your backsplash, this is an ideal option. The most common stones used are granite, marble, and silestone.
  • Stainless steel. If you want luxury and a more modern touch, go for stainless steel. This material is the top choice of modern hotels, restaurants, and other establishments because of its unique appeal, it’s more hygienic and easier to clean, and far more durable.
  • Other unique types. There are also backsplashes made out of wooden tiles although they need to be treated first to ensure a waterproof surface. Another unique type used is mirror which totally gives a new perspective.

lowes kitchen backsplash

Basics in Installing Your Lowes Kitchen Backsplash

Installation of your Lowes backsplash depends on the type of tile or material used. Here’s a short and brief guide when installing ordinary tiles for your kitchen backsplash:

  • First, prepare the wall where it shall be installed. Ensure that it is totally dry and can hold the weight of the materials you are going to add.
  • Do some planning when it comes to the size of the wall that you want to be covered including the particular choice of design.
  • Estimate the amount of tiles you need to use. This will eventually dependent on the size of the tiles you are going to use but ensure that you have extra pieces.
  • Before installing the tile, turn off or disconnect all adjacent electrical appliances and connections.
  • After cleaning and preparing the wall, just apply the recommended adhesive or tile cement.
  • In tiling, place the initial piece on the center but on the lowest part or base of backsplash area. Work your way to the top and to the sides. This would ensure symmetry while installing.
  • For the edges, used tiles particularly designed for the corners.
  • After letting the adhesive dry, prepare and finally apply the grout.

Lowes backsplash is a good structural addition to your kitchen. If you don’t have one yet or the existing one you have is already old, it’s already time to renovate.

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